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Since its founding in 2013, ATG Events has continuously outperformed clients' expectations and provided results. Our distinctive platform swiftly established a solid reputation in the sector and is currently drawing top-tier clients.


ATG Events

ATG Events has a significant global presence and is expanding. Today, we provide enterprise firms with market research and consulting services to help them stay one step ahead of rapidly changing and disruptive markets. Leading the way in international B2B marketing, ATG Events specialises in C-suite engagements for the biggest brands in the world.

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Who we are

Through our special setup, the ATG Events team's expertise and experience enable your company to save time and money. Our goal is to significantly reduce your sales cycle, allowing for more effective conversions. We give you all the resources you need to get a quantifiable return on investment and subsequently expand your market share among large organisations around the world.

The team collaborates closely with vendors to design unique, custom educational events. As a result, a setting is created that encourages sincere conversation and the growth of stronger relationships. These gatherings are focused on making it possible for those looking for new technology to communicate with partners and colleagues to find answers to their urgent concerns. We provide services to two communities: those who acquire technology and those who provide it, and we have assisted many in achieving success that they could never have imagined without us.

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